1.) Why do you charge a retainer for your stylized mini’s, events, and boudoir, but not your regular photography?

When I hold stylized events such as my mini’s or boudoir I keep a very tight schedule. This retainer is used to secure your date/time to any given and acts as an insurance policy for me. Once I have booked your date/time it is 100% unavailable for all potential booking clients which means if someone else wanted your date/time slot it would not be available to them. Let’s say I planned a boudoir event. I chose xxx hotel (I like hotels because of the privacy and security they allow), but I charged $0 retainer, but my schedule was 100% booked. If half of them decided at the last minute they didn’t want to show up I would have lost out on all of those sessions that I couldn’t have booked for those session times.

2.) Is the retainer refundable?

No. I’m sorry, but all retainers are 100% non-refundable and non-transferable. While I used to make exceptions to this on occasion I have finally come to the realization that some were abusing the system…and me. If you are not able to meet your predetermined date/time for an event I will allow you to change your time for an event (if I have the availability) or transfer your session to another individual within the same event, but I will not refund your retainer or transfer your retainer to a different event entirely. I’m sorry for this inconvenience.

3.) How long will it take to receive my photos?

Depending on the type of session you can expect to receive your photos within the current time frame:
A.) Regular and Extended Sessions: typically 24 hours
B.) Stylized Mini Sessions: typically within 24 hours, but may take up to 48 hours
C.) Boudoir: typically within 72 hours, but usually within 48 hours. Due to the sensitivity of these photos I am limited to editing during hours my children are not going to be looking over my shoulder
D.) Events (Graduation Parties, Weddings, etc): typically within 2 weeks, less if you choose digital delivery. However, any event that I am scheduled more than 2 hours is recommended to choose USB delivery due to the amount of photos acquired)

4.) What happens if I am running late in one of your stylized events?

If you are running late for one of my stylized events one of the first things you should do is make sure to message me to let me know. However, because of how strict and packed my schedule can get if you are over 5-10 minutes late for a session I may not be able to accommodate you unless I have a cancellation.

5.) What happens if the photographer (me) cannot make it due to illness?

In the event that I have to cancel a scheduled event for any reason I will issue 100% refunds. If I plan to reschedule the event I will offer those who signed up first, first opportunity to reschedule.

6.) What happens in the event of adverse weather?

Typically I photograph all events rain, snow, or shine. However, there are some exceptions: I will not photograph in heavy downpour, thunderstorms, or other severe weather related events.

7.) How many images will I get?

This is a pretty loaded question that depends heavily on a variety of factors. Am I photographing a baby? Does mom/dad have a problem with wanting to smile? Are you a blinker? Are you wanting an outfit change? Many of these scenarios can limit the amount of photos I will be able to capture in a session – no matter the type of session. Typically, though, unless I have a REALLY tough cookie…you can expect to get AT LEAST 10-15 independent poses per session. There will be even more for longer sessions. Each photo will come with the original, black and white, and color edit so those 10 independent images can easily become 30 delivered.

8.) What are my delivery options?

If you are booking for stylized minis, boudoir, or regular photography all images from your session will be delivered via a password protected digital album. However, if you prefer to receive your images via USB I offer that service for $10 extra and they will be shipped via USPS with tracking.

9.) Do you give the copyright of an image?

Copyright is a property right. Under the Federal Copyright Act of 1976, photographs are protected by copyright from the moment of creation. However, no matter the session I do include a “print release” to all my clientele which provides you unlimited access to have the images printed at your preferred printing establishment. Copyright in its simplest terms means that I “own” the copyright. Selling or obtaining “the copyright” is not possible, but you will have the ability to download, print, and share your images as much as you you’d like.

10.) Will my digital files be watermarked?

If you see my “preview” post across social media and website you will see my watermark on the image. The ones that are sent to my clients in their password protected digital albums are NOT watermarked. They do, however, have my copyright information embedded within the meta data of the image, but this is not noticeable to the average client.

11.) What type of payment do you take?

At this time I accept cash or credit card. Currently ALL deposits are issued through PayPal invoices (no PayPal account required) and I typically prefer cash for all other transactions. Let’s face it…credit card fees kill small people like me…so if I have to take an in-person card payment I do charge a $3 service fee. However, there are some locations where I photograph where I do not receive cellular service and cannot accept credit as payment. When you sign up for a stylized mini session PLEASE read your invoice carefully to see if this location requires cash payment only. I will not deliver any images to you until full payment has been received.

12.) Do you charge a travel fee?

In some cases, yes. My photography service area is within the Greenwood and Indianapolis, Indiana area. If you are requesting personalized services…whether they be regular photography or event photography, there may be a travel fee if you are outside of my regular area.

13.) Are you permitted?

100% YES! I carry a permit to photograph at all IndyParks locations with the exception of Garfield Park conservatory and sunken gardens and I have wrapped this price into my pricing. If you wish to photograph at a location that my permit does not cover and they have a permit fee, though, I will ask that you cover that permit fee prior to your session date/time as many locations (think Newfields) require advanced booking.

14.) Are you insured?

Absolutely. In order to become permitted for IndyParks a photographer must carry insurance. If you are booking a venue that needs proof of insurance please do not hesitate let me know contact information for the point of contact to handle this issue.

15.) Do you offer videography?

Sorry, but I do not.

16.) Do you photograph weddings?

Yes, and no. I am very selective of the weddings that I take into my roster. I understand that weddings are the “bread and butter” of the photography industry, but they just aren’t my passion. I typically book weddings if they are regular clientele or intimate ceremonies/elopements. That isn’t saying I won’t consider a wedding, but it just isn’t what sparks 100% joy in me. I can, however, refer you to a local Indianapolis photographer who absolutely adores weddings and is affordable.

17.) Do you do any kind of composite photography?

I’m sorry, but no. The only exception was during the 2020 pandemic when Santa was in quarantine. He just HAD to make sure any littles could get a photo with him so he sent me a photo of him holding a frame so I could make sure all the littles could see themselves with Santa.

18.) Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of my services I do not offer refunds. No exceptions.