The balance between work/home life struggle is real…

I have worked really hard in 2022, but if you look at my website and most of my social media…you couldn’t tell. To be perfectly honest, I am really struggling with the work/home balance. The struggle is real…lemme tell you.

As many of my regulars know, I have a unique set of disabilities. On top of that I also have two special needs children. That, in itself, is difficult for any one person to navigate. However, it has been especially difficult for us in 2022.

After almost, what? 2.5-3 yrs? I finally caught Covid in August. I was really sick for a while, but because of my already fragile lungs I seem to be having long term issues. I’m alive. I’m okay…but breathing is just a little bit more difficult than usual. I find myself using my rescue inhaler more often, and I travel with a full medical kit “just in case” that includes a nebulizer, o2 sensor, and etc.

If that wasn’t problematic enough, my youngest son (12 on Saturday) is having major mental health concerns. There seems to always be an ebb and flow to his behavior. Roughly every 4-8 weeks he seems to have a psychotic break of some sort. We don’t know what is causing it, and I am getting literally nowhere with the mental health system.

I seem to be in a revolving circle of constantly running into a brick wall. Autism centers are not equipped to deal with the psychosis, and mental health care facilities are not equipped to deal with the Autism. This has left me pretty much on my own with trying to figure out what my next move is as we await scheduling for a psychological exam. Apparently, that is going to be the “gold standard” for figuring out what his psychiatrist does next. Unfortunately, though, that also means that I end up dialing 911 for violent behavior, trying to keep it together, all while battling a system that would rather lock him away than get him help.

It’s a lot.

Yet, somehow in the middle of things I am still here photographing. I have taken more photographs this year than I have in any of the years prior. I am thankful that word of mouth gets around and that a lot of my clientele has stuck with me despite all of this. I would love to have the time and energy to make graphics like I used to, advertise like I used to, or even just remember to update this page and social media like I used to. Sadly, my cup is pretty empty, my life is hectic, and I can’t even remember if I ate this morning.

But know that I am here. I am photographing, and when I’m behind that camera… get my undivided attention. I just may forget to update about it after delivery.

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