“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.” – Rachel Carson

I have lived in Indiana my whole life. And while I sometimes dream of leaving, I am always enthused to do things within my state that I have either wanted to do or didn’t even know existed. Because of my lung and my occasional mobility issues, I do not travel alone….so when I finally talked Jason into fighting his fear of enclosed spaces and underground caverns I quickly booked some tickets to Marengo Cave. Neither of us were disappointed.

I saved a little bit of money by buying the combo ticket for both caves….and was delighted to learn that the tickets do not expire since we decided not to press my luck by doing both tours in one day. We did the Crystal Palace tour and we were amazed. We will make plans for a return visit in the future….again with camera in tow.

If you have never heard of Marengo Cave’s it is in southern Indiana not too, too far from Louisville, KY. From my location in Greenwood, IN it only took us about 2.5hrs to get there (and that’s with stopping for a bathroom/food break).

I, of course, am paying for the trip today with a major fibromyalgia flare and my lung hurt. The Crystal Palace tour isn’t difficult to walk, but the early 1900s stairs in and out didn’t do my lungs any good.

Still worth it? Absolutely.

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