“And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

I couldn’t bring myself to write a New Years post yesterday. To be perfectly honest, I was rather “in my feels” over Betty White. I don’t often mourn celebrities, but somehow the New Year feels different now. I grew up watching Betty White as a child with my grandmother and my love for her has continued into adulthood. It isn’t uncommon to see me curled up with a blanket watching old reruns of The Golden Girls. However, I have to say that leaving us on New Years is totally “Betty White”. I don’t think she ever did anything “half-assed” so to speak. She will greatly be missed.

I hope that everyone had a safe and happy New Years last night. And for those of you who have Seniors graduating in 2022…now is the best time to save money on 2022 branded items. Just pick up any 2022 items that don’t say “Happy New Year’s” on clearance then sub some “graduate” items for those parties later in the year. Can you believe its less than six months until graduation? Where does the time go?

2021 was a year of growth for me. Despite taking time off for a vacation, and only working weekends I managed to photograph several thousand images which translated into 120 individual sessions, two events, and 21 publications since the rebranding. I am already planning events for 2022 (first up is boudoir), and I am booked for two events. I *typically* don’t photograph during the week, but I landed a Halloween wedding at the old psychiatric hospital and well…who can pass that up? Not me.

So far I have the following mini session themes in mind:
• Spring
• Motherhood
• Cap and Gown
• Fishing/Creek Stomp/Fatherhood
• Back to School
• Sunflower
• Fall
• Best Friend Body Bag
• Christmas
That isn’t to say I won’t throw another one in here and there, but that’s what I already *tentatively* have on the schedule. I’m hoping for another exciting year of capturing everyone’s memories.

I’m still dedicated to giving away one free session for every event that I book. No matter what I always want to remember why I decided to get behind the camera again: A.) Because it is therapeutic to me and B.) To provide an affordable option for those who otherwise would not have access to affordable photography. Don’t forget to follow my facebook page to stay up to date on giveaways and sales.

When I was overhauling my facebook page covers I decided to overhaul my website as well. You’ll find that I am removing posts and images that are 3+ old to save on storage space and that all of the pages within have been updated with new information and graphics. I even added a FAQ page. I’ll be honest…my website has been pretty neglected and hadn’t been updated other than graphics for a while…but at least it is done now?

Just goes to show that even when I’m not behind the camera I always find something to do, haha. Take care everyone…and I look forward to working with you in 2022!

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