9.11.2021 – Adventures at Bernheim

…and there he was, a giant troll gazing upon the water. I didn’t dare disturb him, because for once he believed the reflection when it said he was beautiful.

Every once in a while I find the need to go explore the world around me. Photographing people has brought me much joy and many people I now call friends…but there is something just comforting about photographing nature. It may be rough on my body with my fibromyalgia flaring, and my lungs are equally mad about the allergens and hiking, but the point is…I won’t let life pass me by to cater to my disabilities. It isn’t who I am. Does that mean I have to load up on medication after medication and keep a nebulizer in my car and in my backpack along with rescue inhalers, yep. But simple fact of the matter is: I try.

In a lot of ways nature photography is much more difficult on my body than photographing people. Sure, I move a lot while photographing people, but it generally isn’t up hills and through terrain. It is a half an hour or hour vs several hours upon hours of hiking. I can photograph people alone while taking adventures into the wild means I must bring a travelling companion. Simple fact of the matter is….sometimes doing what you love comes with compromise and sacrifices. We, as humans, learn to adapt or we learn to let go.

And I’m not ready to let go.

Yesterday I took a trip down to Kentucky to visit Bernheim. It is roughly 2hrs and 10 minutes from Greenwood, Indiana (where I live) or 2hrs and 20-30 minutes if you avoid toll roads (that would be me). It was a lot of fun. Being a creative I seen lots of art, lots of nature, and lots of peaceful silence without my children. (I promise you, I love my kids…but hello!)

I am sharing just a few of my photos from the trip with you now. I hope you enjoy. (The ginger in the photos is my partner in crime…don’t mind him. He is always an unwilling victim in my travels, haha).

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