“Celebrate endings—for they precede new beginnings.” – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

It has been a really rough month.

If you have been keeping up on the first day of school (for my kids anyway) I was subject to a hack. In my old age (haha, just turned 40) I didn’t understand the concept of 2 step authentication so once a hacker was able to use a bot to obtain my password my social media presence was no longer mine. Personal facebook – gone. Business page – gone. Money in my account – gone (ads).

I had always hoped that I would regain access to my old account, and last night I did. It was a total violation. When I say everything was gone…it was gone. everything regarding my account had a flag on it, memories were just poof, and my business page was deleted.

I’m not one for saying I “need” social media, because in a lot of ways I don’t. If it wasn’t for my need to get behind a camera (remember, it’s cheaper than therapy for me) I could probably walk away. I have friends I talk to on the daily. People who love, care, and support me. And honestly, sometimes social media can be a little overwhelming with the constant chaos that is our world right now. However, that isn’t to say that losing all of my social media…to be violated by having someone rummage through my life and cause such chaos…wasn’t well…traumatizing.

Maybe traumatizing is the wrong word, but my mind is drawing a blank on anything that comes even close to what it made me feel.

I wrestled whether to continue on as “Three One Seven Photography”, but in the end the decision was made for me. I was not going to be allowed to reinstate my business page. No matter what I would have to start new. So…why not take the opportunity to pick a name that fit me and just clicked?

And Spuddle Funk Photography was born.

Sometimes I want to cry thinking about starting completely over. I don’t even have access to my client list. I’ve managed to remember those who have booked for upcoming mini’s and some of my regulars….but that is about it. All in all it is all heartbreaking.

If there is any ray of sunshine, though, is that I am dedicated to keep going. I have verified and changed booking with venues where needed, and I’m still working on mini’s. (Christmas Tree Farm is half completed already, fall mini’s should be ready to photography by Sept. 6th) and at the end of the day I have found a lot of love and support in what I do and people who want me to succeed.

So to all of you, thank you!

Christi Marie


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