“While many things have changed, some things haven’t changed enough.” ― Gina Barreca

I had hoped that 2021 would be a fabulous year. I mean, come on, weren’t we all? After 2020 I think we all could have used a big “W-I-N”. The year started out great. New car. Vaccinations increased and quarantines lifted. Life started to go back to normal. And I was busy.

2021 has had some bumps in the road. Family health issues and my own mental health surrounding a traumatic event near my home caused me to cancel a boudoir event, and most recently the transmission went out in my vehicle so I had to cancel my Back to School mini’s. I had wanted to carry on with them, but the only car I have to lean back on would not fit the vintage desk. Thankfully it will fit the lemonade stand items (even though my transmission should long be fixed before then as it is currently in the shop and covered under warranty – whew).

I have to admit, though, I am thankful for the little bit of downtime. I know that it is good to stay busy, but I’m no spring chicken, haha, and it is about to get pretty busy. For those who don’t know…I’m FINALLY taking my first vacation since uh…2002? I leave for New Orleans in just under 2 weeks. The photographer in me is super excited because while I enjoy photographing people I REALLY love photographing architecture. Not to mention it is a bucket list item I can finally check off. I was lucky enough to book most of the items during the pandemic so I got pandemic pricing. My only concern is flying, the heat, and my lungs. *shrug*

Once I return its back to business with lemonade stand minis and two consecutive weekends of sunflower fields…which I must admit are more popular than I ever in a million years thought they would be. I’m going to have to remember to take a double dose of my allergy medication.

And believe it or not….shortly after that…we will be entering the holiday season. Remember, I photograph all holiday sessions in November so that clients have the opportunity to get cards printed and sent out!

Busy, busy, busy!

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