Is it back to school time, yet?

Growing up I remember never understanding why my dad was always so excited for back to school time. All he ever really did was complain about the cost of new school clothes, the supply list, and other school fees. After all, wasn’t I just such an amazing kid that he wanted to spend every waking moment with me (please excuse me while I feign a hint of truth to that – I was HORRIBLE)?!?!?!

Now, as I approach 40 years old with two children that I have been trapped inside of an almost 1600 sq ft house with for over a year during a pandemic I can honestly say…I…GET…IT.


It is after 3am and I am sitting here typing at what seems like the only moment I have to myself during the day, and let’s be honest shall we? Part of the time I’ve spent since the last child fell into peaceful slumber has spent making a mental checklist of the items that need to be done after I finally catch a few hours of sleep myself.

You would think at some point in time the days of being able to at least go to the bathroom during the day would be able to be accomplished without a knock on the door. Just five minutes? No? You need me now? Like right this very moment? So I finish my business, quickly…only to walk out of the bathroom to meet with what fire blazing emergency you say? Oh, you can’t find a snack? Open your bloody eyes and use those glasses that cost so much bloody money.

While I’m sitting here debating taking a shower that I know will feel so very good, but will wake me up for at least another hour I come to the realization that I’m probably past time to wash my hair but also past time to really care at this point.

And the little babes are peacefully snoring away. Almost in unison. Even the cats too. It’s equally cute, and annoying.

I try to remind myself that this, too, shall pass….because school – for us, anyway – is just around the corner…and with any luck that will mean a return to some sense of normalcy for all of us.

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