it’s the little memories that will last a lifetime…

Life takes you down many paths, but my favorite ones lead to the beach. Today, however…that path leads me to the auto shop – the tranny is going out in my vehicle. 🤷‍♀️

On a side note….this was the first time my kiddos have seen a beach. And I will never stop finding it fascinating introducing them to new things. I am always amazed watching my son process the new feelings/emotions/exposures in his head (autism). He was pleasantly surprised by this experience – even though he did need to wear gloves to play in the sand (texture sensitive). My daughter? She had a blast.

Always remember that you should not only capture your memories in the memory banks of the mind, but also on camera. These are the memories generations after us will hold on to when we are long gone.

I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday weekend!

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