Always something to do…I hate sitting idle…

My year plus of “hell” aka virtual learning has come to an end, and with that I have found some much needed time to breathe. After an almost collapse yesterday photographing I find myself with some down time. I have had a series of unpleasant health issues lately and my body is screaming for some healing. But, that doesn’t mean I need to be completely idle.

With my Americana Mini’s designed, example photos taken, and booking open I have set my sights on things that I can do….while attempting a little R&R. Who doesn’t like a little craft work, right? I know I have missed it.

A few (or several) various Amazon, Walmart, and other deliveries later…and I have begun on my Lemonade Stand Mini’s props. Did I spend too much? Probably, but one of the lovely things about stylized mini’s is allowing myself to design scenes and watching them come together.

Last night I started on the “faux” lemonade, and today I worked on some of the various other little tad bits of the decor. I’m pretty pleased with how everything turned out, really. In my opinion…I’m getting pretty good at making faux beverages. The rest of the faux food items that are going to be associated with this stylized mini event I have contracted out to a local vendor. I love making arts and crafts, but I don’t have an insane amount of time to make everything I wanted – especially while planning a vacation, raising two special needs children, trying to adapt to life as a Marine Corp mom, and photographing on the weekends. My head just isn’t big enough for all the hats that I wear sometimes.

Since my children are not always the most cooperative, and let’s face it…I stare at them every day…I have started contacting some of my most regular clientele for “models” to photograph my stylized mini’s. When/If I have a regular that fits the look I am going for all they have to do is provide their attire and I’ll do everything else. Now, I know I could provide these “free” sessions to anyone, really…but I like being able to throw a little extra to those who have either been “frequent fliers” or have been there from the beginning. Its an added bonus knowing which families and/or children will or won’t cooperate for the photos. Let’s face it…these “example photos” are what I’m going to be using for advertising so they’re pretty important to me.

As I watch everything coming together I’m starting to get more and more excited, but there is so much left to do. A woman’s work is never done.

Like every other stylized mini that I do, Lemonade Stand Mini’s will also have two scenes…so of course I made “faux lemonade” for both scenes. I photograph the example photos in July and hope to launch booking shortly after. Lots of yellow, white, and black in my future that’s for sure!

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