”Travel: the best way to be lost and found at the same time.” -Brenna Smith

Alas…it is the end for us. Of Spring Break that is. Tell you what, though, after a year into a pandemic, a year spent in mostly isolation, and a year of virtual learning two weeks just did not seem long enough. Did we try to pack a lot into those two weeks? Certainly, but this mama is still tired.

Since I purchase a state parks pass for the odd chance someone wants me to go to Fort Harrison State Park…I decided I was going to explore Indiana.

The first place we went was Brown County State Park. The kids weren’t overly thrilled with it, but it was nippy and they just wanted to run around.

I went was Indiana Dunes State Park. On the way there I saw windmills. I had never seen them before. This is where I learned that I rather enjoy photographing birds…and I’ll will be going back with the kids in tow.

On the next adventure with the kids we went to Spring Mill State Park…and this is where the kids REALLY enjoyed themselves. They had a LOT of fun here.

And to end our Spring Break adventures we ended at Eagle Creek…not a state park, but they wanted to see water…then a quick tour of Crown Hill Cemetery

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