“Play by the rules, but be ferocious.” – Phil Knight

It’s that time again….the time when I have to start looking at my expenses for the year. It is the one time of year where I see the money fly out of my pocket like bill collectors are physically reaching in there to grab it. Not literally, because I have the option NOT play by the rules, but that isn’t me.

A lot of my business expenses went up this year. I’m assuming because of Covid. I paid more for website hosting than I ever did before. I’m paying more for my photography insurance. About the only thing that hasn’t went up is my IndyGo permit fees (I haven’t checked on my state park pass, yet). Truth me told, the pandemic set me back at least a year in terms of where I *wanted* to be thanks to mandatory shutdowns and closures. Unfortunately, when the governor says non-essential business had to close that means I couldn’t really do diddly or squat. It wasn’t worth losing my insurance or permits. I had *hoped* that this would be the year I started doing a lot of stylized mini’s…but I will have to settle for a few.

Unfortunately, this year also brings with it some expenses that I wasn’t necessarily expecting. I need to get a new vehicle, and the computer that I do the bulk of my editing is about to crap out on me. My precious Corbin (2001 Ford Explorer) finally decided to retire. At the end he had no air, no heat, and was horrible on gas…but man…I sure did love him. That meant I had to figure out what to do regarding a vehicle. Sure, I could share a car with their dad…but he can’t reschedule work if his car craps out, and in the event of an emergency I didn’t want to be stuck here with no vehicle. Plus…I hate his car. Getting my own was just more convenient and safe for the kids and I. I got approved and ordered a vehicle from CarMax, and at the local dealer. When they did their own independent inspection they found some things they would like to fix, ordered the parts, and hope to have me come up there sometime after Wednesday.

Thankfully, my cousin just so happened to marry a computer genius and after some back and forth with wants/needs I will be investing in a brand new, custom built computer. I’m upgrading from a 24″ monitor to a 27″ monitor, 8g of ram to 32g of ram, and a few other odds and ends that needed to be thrown in there. Yes, I’m extra…but I would rather spend a couple of extra hundred dollars on something that is custom to me and easily driven back home for repair/upgrade when needed than shell out almost that for an all-in-one computer or desktop that isn’t *exactly* what I want/need.

I have learned that I really have a passion for boudoir photography, so I do plan on doing more of a focus on boudoir in 2021. On top of that the tree farm I went to just a few months ago asked me when I finished up if I would like to come back so I know I’ll be doing that this year. I have big plans for both of those….but I also want to add a non-tree farm Christmas mini day for those closer to Indianapolis.

As it stands now I have planned a boudoir June 4-6th and November 5th-7th…with the option of an August boudoir if there is enough demand. On top of that I will be doing Christmas Tree Farm mini’s November 13th and November 20th. Christmas Mini’s November 27th (possibly December 4th if needed). I’m also looking into doing some fall mini sessions for the first time ever and a sweet mini session event for July or August….assuming everything goes as planned. You know what they say about best laid plans, right? Le sigh. We shall see. Regardless…I need a bigger place to live. I’m running out of prop storage (in my defense I do need to sift through what I don’t use).

Maybe eventually I’ll get to the point where I can stop spending as much because I have most of what I need….but I’m not there yet. Champagne taste…beer budget…and full of ideas!


Ooops, I didn’t it again….Okay, so I did just watch that Framing Britney Spears episode. Sue me. I made it into the Anniversary Issue of Photograp[her] Magazine, page 32.
Link: https://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1933008?__r=2325313

Side Note: I got published in January, too…but can’t seem to remember by who or what magazine…so I’m gonna give myself a pass on that one. What can I say? I have a lot going on. I’m the Queen of Chaos.

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