Just in time for Valentine’s Day…1/29-1/31

Inhale confidence. Exhale doubt. Unleash yourself. Be the woman that makes other women want to step up their game!

I have to admit…I’m more excited about this boudoir event than I have about others in the past. It has been almost a year since I have done boudoir, and while I don’t think I could do it full time…its something I REALLY love doing. There is something just magical about watching a woman become bold…empowered. Watching her shell just chip away…to watch her come alive.

While other photographers may have access to studios…indoor photography isn’t something I really do a lot of so I don’t really see the necessity in investing in studio space. The complexities of finding a location can be difficult for me. Some have said I have champagne taste with a beer budget…and yeah, that is pretty accurate.

I’ve thought about doing AirBNB location’s so that I have more of a “variety” during a photo session, but those come with issues. First you have to gain permission from the homeowner, and you have to worry about potential clients causing damage like a high heel scraping a wooden floor. I’m insured, don’t get me wrong…but I like the privacy and security that hotels have to offer.

When I went looking for this boudoir event I knew I wanted something more warm toned. I wanted darker woods. I wanted neutral tones that would set the backdrop of whatever inspires me…and guess what? I found it!

It was almost exactly what I was looking for! I ended up reserving the deluxe king room with sofa bed with a request of the highest floor (4th) if available. An added bonus for me is the fact that it isn’t incredibly too far from my home in the event I forget something and need a quick delivery. Part of me is wondering if the pool is open to the public, though, but that is for purely personal reasons…haha

Anywho…because of current state guidelines all my clients – and myself – will be required to wear a mask in all common areas (I guess that may actually answer the pool question, right?). Entry, hallways, elevators, etc. I’ve had some blowback about this, but even if I was someone who was anti-mask I still have to follow the guidelines set forth by the venue. It is out of my hands. I am not going to require my clients to wear a mask in the room itself, though I will be using a great deal of disinfectant and hand sanitizer.

After booking the room I went on to discover more inspiration. I already have a few jewelry pieces that I use from time to time, some flowers, and some lovely realistic flameless candles that I knew I would be using…but I wanted some new stuff. Something a little more romantic and/or regal. I wanted to add some blues, some golds…and pearls.

This is what I came up with:

Oh yeah…these items aren’t just sitting in a shopping cart waiting for me to pull the trigger…they’re ordered and will be here Wednesday. Yasssssssss!!! Best part is? I can think of other ways to use them than just boudoir. Multi-purpose props? Count me in!

So…whether you need a romantic, sexy gift for that special someone for Valentine’s Day or you’re ridin’ solo and want to celebrate every bit of your beautiful self…I’ve got you covered!

Since I have decided to do a price freeze for 2021…my pricing is pretty much the same as 2020.
30 minutes of photography – $100
1 hour of photography – $200 (great for couples)
No makeup or hair services will be provided for this event.
A $40 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking.
Remaining balance is due at the time of service.
All sessions include: ALL digital images (original, black and white, and a color photo edit)Password Protected Digital Album
Digital delivery within 72 hours.

I’ve already given away a free session to this event on my FB page, but with facebook changing their algorithms I’ve also made a facebook group to help stay in contact with current and potential clients. This also gives me an extra place to give away free stuff….and we all know I love giving away free stuff!

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