Just another page in a 365 day book!

I hope everyone had a happy, safe New Year.

I’ve been pretty busy these last few days. The beginning of the year seems to bring with it a mountain of paperwork and organizing. Insurance quotes, figuring out permit fees, prop purchasing, ideas…ideas…ideas!

My first official “event” of the year is my Valentine’s Day boudoir, and it is becoming way more successful than I thought it was going to be. I’m only holding it on two days – February 1st and February 2nd…and February 1st is already sold out with very limited left available for February 2nd. I’ve started ordering a lot of the props I plan to utilize for the boudoir, but I still have a long way to go. I was, however, ecstatic to find two different styles of wine glasses at Goodwill yesterday. I’m a big advocate of “reduce, reuse, and recycle” when and where available. I don’t know if it is the cheapskate in me or the fact that I believe things should and could be used long past the original owners have long since become done with them.

2019 turned out to be an interesting year for me. Despite being sick for half of the year (mostly unable to work) I doubled my business and tripled the traffic to my website. I’m not entirely sure why, or if it had anything to do with being published in a magazine, but my website traffic has gone beyond the borders of Indiana and the United States. Would I love to travel for some photography? Absolutely. Am I ever going to? Unlikely.

I’m still working with the stylist on my “image” and/or “brand”, but….I’ve been rather, let’s say, resistant. I tried the new way she wanted me to do my eye makeup. Loved it. I tried the new shades of lipstick she wanted me to try. Hated it and they immediately went into the trash. Sometimes I wonder if she would turn me into a “Kardashian” if she had her way. Nude lipstick on my pale skin tone? No thanks. If anything I’ll embrace a natural lip and ditch the vintage red lip.

As for my clothes? If she had her way I’d wear a blazer, and honestly? I may buy one to wear when a bride wants me to dress more formally…but a lot of the blazers I found were just way too restrictive. I need movement!! I need freedom!!! I need attire that isn’t going to make me so hot that I pass out from heat exhaustion. So….instead I’m trading in my photography t-shirts for blouses. I think it’s a good compromise. At least for me. I would live in jeans and a t-shirt if I could get away with it. Fact is, though…I can’t. My converse (chucks) are a staple, though. They’re comfortable to work in and allow me to feel the ground beneath me. I can dress up chucks, right?

All the changes I’m making are turning me into a “softer” appearing, Christi. And it’s going to take some getting used to. I’ve worn all black and chucks for the vast majority of my 38yrs on this place we call Earth. But yet, here I am. I’m trading my lovely black onyx or black diamond jewelry in for ethical diamonds and pearls. I’m trading my black t-shirt in for blouses and maybe a cardigan. But….I don’t think you’ll ever see me in a mini-van if I can help it. I have to draw the line somewhere!