…is it 2020 yet?

I feel so accomplished, but so exhausted at the same time.

This year has been a rough one. I’ve been in and out of the hospital from complications to severe asthma that has landed me in the ICU more than once. Despite my best efforts to keep the germs at bay I managed to get the flu, rhinovirus, and pneumonia at the same time. I’m lucky that I’m not dead, and trust me…it was a close call a time or two.

But, I’m slowly on the mend.

I’ve started a new treatment for that “eosinophillic” asthma….at the cost of 11k per shot. Thank goodness for health coverage – even though I still have a pretty out of pocket cost. I take the shot every 4wks for three doses then I move to every 8wks. Whatever it takes to be alive, right?

I have to be careful not to over exert myself until the new med has a chance to work, so I haven’t been behind my camera much…and its driving me CRAZY. Between the cold winter months and the lack of ability to hike to a lot of locations I’m going stir crazy. I’ve made arrangements for my next boudoir event, though, so I’m hoping that will give me an opportunity to get back behind my lovely glass.

My last boudoir event was pretty industrial. Think lace mixed with harsh metals and bricks. This one I’m going for a more softer romantic theme with a little bit of modern tossed in. I found a brand new hotel with decent rates out in Plainfield and I just couldn’t wait to book it. The decor is grey, black, and white with shades of red thrown in here and there. I plan to purchase some red leather handcuffs, lacy chokers, and red roses to throw in there. I’m so stoked….but I’ll have to wait until February 1st and 2nd!

In my downtime I’m slowly doing my yearly “redo” of my social media and webpage stuff. Its just sooooo much fun to sit down at a computer and figure out marketing, and styles, and color schemes. It isn’t my favorite thing about having a business, but I’m too cheap and too much of a control freak to have someone else do it for me.

…I wish it was 2020 already. Is that bad?

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