“Rich or poor, we will keep together and be happy in one another.” – Louisa May Alcott

IMG_2445I had the lovely adventure of returning “home” this weekend. Ask me the majority of the year and I’ll say that I hate the place. Terre Haute does not bring the fondest of memories or a desire to return there – even if my dad is buried there. However, there are just a few little pieces of love left there. Their names are Christie, Evie, Jorja…and yes, even her husband Richard…who isn’t such a bad guy I suppose. ^_^

IMG_2443I left on Friday and came back today. I’m finding myself already missing them. I miss my little fam. Christie made me a cheesecake for my birthday – which I devoured like the OG fat girl that I am. We played National Parks Edition Monopoly. I did a photo shoot for her and her best friend. We took a drive out to Bridgeton, Indiana. And in general just enjoyed each others company. I’ve decided I’m going to go back out there for the New Year and for once spend an actual holiday with my fam. Christie doesn’t want me to spend much on them for Yule, but does that mean she doesn’t even really know me at all?


On a good note, we started talking about Jorja’s 4H project next year. She wants to do computers – specifically build a computer. That’s where I come in. I currently work on an all-in-one and have been wanting to upgrade anyway. Guess who will be funding her project? It kinda works out. Since Evie has gotten into photography I gave her my camera when I upgraded to my new equipment, and I spent about a similar price point on the old camera when it first came out. Gotta love my girls equally, right?

I’m such a sucker for my peoples.

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