“Change always comes bearing gifts.” – Price Pritchett

My one year anniversary of being “back in action” has come and gone, and as I look over all the images I have compiled in my portfolio since I have seen so much change. My style. My technique. My confidence. Am I perfect? Nah. But…I’m not trying to be.

One thing for sure, though, was my delivery method was always less than ideal. When I decided to get back into things and see where it took me I always knew that A.) I was going to be digital and B.) I had absolutely no desire to deal with “Prints”. I wanted 100% digital delivery! Shoot. Edit. Sleep. Repeat. I did not want to have to worry about going to the post office or trying to track down clientele to arrange for delivery. Who has time for that?

Enter Dropbox.

While I’m sure that Dropbox has its uses and real world application, I never found it particularly “user friendly” for photography…though I read this was the method a lot of photographers used for delivery. And I’ll admit…it has served me well.

And then I met Pixieset!

Oh, I’m in love! Fast uploading. Original Image Download. Shareable album links. Password protected files? SIGN ME UP! So….going on in the future…this is where my loyalty is going to lie. We shall see how this bodes for my clients, and myself, in the future…but for now….it seems like a pretty nice place to call home for me!

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